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Jan 22, 2018

Silence during track 31 (Knights' Radiant theme)??


I LOVE the soundtrack, but I'm a little confused by track 31, or the bonus track with the Knights' Radiant theme. Between 2:11 and 3:31 there is just silence... I can't hear anything no matter how high I turn up the volume. The music returning around 3:32 seems to begin abruptly, as if there's something missing. Is that silence supposed to be there??

Jan 22, 2018

Hey elenmarsh,


So, yes - you've discovered the "hidden" track. This used to be a "thing", and we thought it'd be a fun nerdy thing to do on this album.


What we did was remix The Knights Radiant theme (which is the first section you hear), and placed the remix (which we've named the Radiant Rainbow Remix) after a bunch of (intentional) silence. It's meant to be a little jewel you discover on the album.

Jan 22, 2018

Ohhhh, okay, that makes more sense. I will conceptualize them as two different tracks. Thank you for clarifying!

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