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February 13, 2018

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Kaladin soundtrack 2018 Awards eligibility

2018 Awards Season

February 13, 2018

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2018 Awards Season

February 13, 2018

Hi everyone!


It's awards nomination season! Oh, and we're starting a blog!


We've had a number of fans asking us about different awards, so we thought we'd put together a list of what may be eligible for various SF/F awards. Kaladin is our premiere offering, and there are a few categories in which the music or the artwork are eligible, so if you are eligible to nominate, and if you believe the work is one of last year's best, we'd love to have your submitting vote!



The Hugo Awards


Hugo Award nominations are now open (see here). Any WorldCon member can vote on the final ballot, and anyone who became a WorldCon member by Dec 31 of last year is eligible to submit a nomination. Nomination deadlines are March 16th.


Here is what can be nominated from the Kaladin project:


Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form):



Best Fan Artist: 

  • Grant M. Hansen - Kaladin front cover artwork

  • Botanica Xu - Kaladin character bookmarks

  • Seth Keller - Kaladin art cards


We feel that Kaladin brings something new and interesting to the world's musical table: it successfully redefines an entire medium. It brings the full Hollywood treatment to the concept of a book soundtrack. Past soundtracks have largely been small productions - a MIDI album, a piano accompaniment, a rock treatise. Kaladin employs the talents of two different orchestras, three separate choral groups (one a virtual choir), several composers (many working in Hollywood), several orchestrators (also many working in Hollywood), an entire music prep team (all working in Hollywood), and a number of top-list soloists.


If you're eligible to nominate for the Hugo Awards, but haven't heard the soundtrack yet, we'd be ha